Anthony initiated PCVIS and has led its scientific agenda since 2009. He continues to ensure that PCVIS asks relevant scientific questions which are underpinned by excellent standards.
Wangeci joined the PCVIS team in 2019 as a Mid-Career Fellow. She is responsible for the scientific oversight of several research areas and is designing a new study of PCV schedules.
Ifedayo remains involved with PCVIS particularly on the serological work. He is a clinical epidemiologist and has been an integral member of the team since 2015.
Christine is the Public Health Nurse for Kilifi County North sub-district. She has been a strong advocate for PCVIS in Kilifi County Department of Health since PCVIS started.
Shirine is Programme Manager for PCVIS. She coordinates the programme of PCVIS research and surveillance and ensures that scientific and operational activities remain on track.
Angela manages the team of laboratory staff who handle PCVIS samples from the field and hospital that come in for analysis. This includes nasopharyngeal swabs and blood samples for serological analysis.
Donald is Project Manager for the Kilifi Electronic Immunisation Registry and leads the field team for the annual nasopharyngeal and bi-annual serology field studies.
Victor is our radiologist. He is responsible for x-rays of children and adults with suspected pneumonia and ensuring the correct storage and use of the images for clinical and research purposes.
Brian is a Research Medical Officer who joined the PCVIS team in 2019. He manages the adult bacterial disease research team in Kilifi County hospital, works with Victor to use x-ray evidence to inform our research on child pneumonia and is conducting a study of urine antigen testing.
Lee is our London-based PCVIS Programme Coordinator. She ensures that all the reporting, financial and administrative requirements of the project are met and liaises with funders and partners to achieve this.